Saturday, May 19, 2007

Greetings from Negative Edmonton!

(l to r: Clarence, Lilly, Isaac, Annie, Ethan, Natalie, Sydney, James, Minn Va, Darren)

This photo was taken at the Wong's place in SW Edmonton, thus proving that negative Edmonton does indeed exist!

(P.S. Check out Sydney's missing front bottom teeth!)

Charging... Shock Delivered!

I've always wondered if I should be worried that my heart skips beats, so while learning how to read heart rhythms at school, I printed my rhythm strip and took it to a medical resident I know. He took some measurements on the strip and used a complex medical formula to calculate my time of death as May 11, 2007, 3:04. At the time, that left me only five days -- Eeek!

Well, it's now two weeks later, and my friend obviously messed up the calculation, because I'm a week late dying already and still wondering when I'm going to croak!

P.S. The skipped beat is the weird-looking spike near the beginning of all the other spikes.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Genealogy Pilgrimage

Wifey and I took a trip down to Calgary and Cardston three weekends ago to do some temple work for Tang ancestors in our direct line. It was a neat experience. We went down on a Thursday evening, stopping at Uncle Sam and Auntie Lily's place for the night. The next day, Auntie Lily had to work, but we were able to go down to the Alberta Temple with Uncle Sam to do an endowment session. While we were there, the temple office gave Uncle Sam a big box of Tang names that had already been completed -- baptism to sealing. Pink for women, blue for men, cream for sealings ("Fu-ren" means "wife," by the way).

It's amazing how old some of the names are -- check this one out from around 2492 BC!

We spent another night at Uncle Sam's, and the next day, before leaving to go home he and Auntie Lily drove us out to visit Mama's gravesite. As we were driving to the cemetery, Uncle Sam found himself on the wrong side of the C-train crossing barrier when it came down on the trunk of his Towncar :)

At the moment, Mama's gravesite is marked by a plastic placard, but the permanent stone marker has been ordered and should be installed by the end of this month.

I guess Baby James wasn't too impressed by the cemetery.

Wifey and I are both very happy we had the opportunity to go down. It was really nice to get away and spend some time with Uncle Sam and Auntie Lily. Thank you to them both for hosting us so generously for three days!