Friday, July 25, 2008

So long, ODS!

Not that I didn't enjoy my time at Officer Development School, but by the end of 5 weeks, I have to say it was really starting wear on me to be away from home. I can't believe the guys in OCS (Officer Candidate School), who spend 13 weeks there (I met a couple of them at church -- nice guys, all, but sheesh, 3 months away from their wives and children!)

Graduation was supposed to be outside on the astroturf field, but it rained the night before, and all goose poop on the field got soft and "muddy" as a result. Oh well. The gym was fine, I guess. The white uniform is very classy, except for the cover, that is. Makes my head look like a mushroom. All the same, here are some of my graduation pics, compliments of my dad, who attended with my mom, Annie, and all the kids (she won't let me post a photo with her in it though -- says it was a bad hair day). All in all, a great experience, but I'm glad it's over now!