Monday, June 28, 2010

The Badger

Ethan just went to his first Cub Scout Day Camp for 3 days last week. On the second day, it rained for an hour, so we all retired inside for lunch and some... um... shall we say, inspiring, camp sing-a-longs?

When it was nice outside, though, Ethan got to do all kinds of fun things, like the obstacle "Oh I Wish I Were Six Inches Taller" course, shooting bebe guns, and making posters, decorating buckets, and other fun things that boys 8-10 like to do!

My Emergency Room shifts (where I happen to be rotating right now) at the hospital just happened to allow me to accompany Ethan for half days as a parent... how fortunate! We had a lot of fun together -- I'm really glad I got to be there with him!