Sunday, October 02, 2016


Two fraternal twin infant sisters are on the floor of their parents' bedroom. One -- the smaller one -- is laying on her back. The other is laying on her tummy beside her, head up and looking over at her.

AMY:               C'mon, roll over.

GRACE:           Why?

AMY:               You can see more from up here.

GRACE:           Because you're like, what, 4 inches higher off the ground than me?

AMY:               Four inches makes a difference. Maybe the air is cleaner up here and that's why you're always getting sick and I'm not.

GRACE:           That's not really fair. I had RSV. My lungs are naturally weak now.

AMY:               I was exposed to RSV, too.

GRACE:           Yeah, but you've always been bigger, so that's why you probably didn't get it. You're bigger, I'm cuter. That's how it's always been.

AMY:               Who says you're cuter?

GRACE:           Everyone does. It's probably my soft, unblemished skin. Yours is rougher and all blotchy most of the time.

AMY:               I have baby eczema. I'll grow out of it. Here, let me feel (reaches over to touch Grace's face).

GRACE:           (flinching away) Don't touch me! Sure you're growing, Miss Piggy. Just look at how much you eat. You can't even make it through the night without a snack.

AMY:               And just because you can makes me a pig?

GRACE:           Yes. The doctor said you weigh over thirteen and a half pounds now. That's over half a pound heavier than me!

AMY:               Please. That's barely any different than the day we were born. Plus, I'm a mover and a shaker -- I need the calories. What do you do but lay there on your back waving your hands and feet around all day?

GRACE:           Hands? Feet? What are those?

AMY:               Exactly. You don't even know. Hands are these things. Great for grasping feet, like so. I'm not really sure what else they are used for.

GRACE:           Huh, I wonder if I have those, too.

AMY:               You do. They're also helpful for pushing up when you roll over.

GRACE:           How's that?

AMY:               You know, when you're... oh, never mind, you probably won't know what I'm talking about. I hardly see you roll. Not on purpose, anyways.

GRACE:           Again with the rolling. It doesn't seem so great to me -- how can you look at the fan with your head up like that?

AMY:               True (rolls over on to her back and looks up at the fan with Grace).

A few moments of silent contemplation pass as they both admire the fan spinning.

AMY:               Mr. Fan -- always so dependable.

GRACE:            I agree.

AMY:               I heard dad setting up our cribs the other day. Who do you think is going to get moved over first?

GRACE:           Probably me. You always go to bed so early. Plus, mom already jury rigged James's light -- you know the turtle that you like -- above the bed for you. I don't think she'll want to go through all that trouble again if she can help it. I'm happy enough with the cow jumping over the moon light.

AMY:               I can't wait until we get our own rooms. You always take up more than your half of the bed when you sleep.

GRACE:           Do not! You're the one who's always shimmying off your boppy in your sleep.

AMY:               I'm just trying to get away from you. (Rolls back to her front as she speaks, ending up on top of Grace.)

GRACE:           Hey! What the... get off me! Is this your idea of getting away from me?

AMY:               (Trying to push herself off, but getting stuck.) Sorry... I'm trying... I can't... If only I knew how better to use... aargh... (lets her head collapse on Grace in frustration).

GRACE:           (Wailing) Dad!! Dad!! Amy won't get off me!!

AMY:               So... tired...

GRACE:           Daaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!

AMY:               (Making one final effort) There. I'm off. Happy?

Both pause to look around as they hear a click and see a flash. In horror, they see Dad in the corner taking pictures.

TOGETHER:    Dad!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

q2 call

Last week, I was at hospital overnight Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Having to stay overnight at the hospital when there's not much going on, as sometimes is the case, gets tedious, so on Sunday, Annie brought the kids over for a couple of hours around dinnertime so we could all spend some time together. After dinner, we walked around the hospital a bit, and even though there's really not much to do, the kids still managed to find ways to amuse themselves. After days and days away, it was nice to see everyone, even if it wasn't at home!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Badger

Ethan just went to his first Cub Scout Day Camp for 3 days last week. On the second day, it rained for an hour, so we all retired inside for lunch and some... um... shall we say, inspiring, camp sing-a-longs?

When it was nice outside, though, Ethan got to do all kinds of fun things, like the obstacle "Oh I Wish I Were Six Inches Taller" course, shooting bebe guns, and making posters, decorating buckets, and other fun things that boys 8-10 like to do!

My Emergency Room shifts (where I happen to be rotating right now) at the hospital just happened to allow me to accompany Ethan for half days as a parent... how fortunate! We had a lot of fun together -- I'm really glad I got to be there with him!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Went to Ethan's elementary school performance yesterday evening -- whoa, James, Lilly, and Isaac -- will you take a look at dem moves! (And I thought it was just Ethan who was supposed to be performing! :)