Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In Which James Tries His Hand at Poohsticks

I was off work most of today, so we took the kids canoeing this afternoon. Fun times, us and our little crew. Ethan tried his hand at paddling, as did Isaac and Lilly. We brought some treats and stopped at a convenient spot for a little picnic and some fun in the water. Took some photos...

Annie soaking up the sun



Huck Finn... oh wait, I mean, Isaac

If Isaac's Huck Finn, I guess Ethan's Tom Sawyer.

While they all played, I picked a shady spot on the shore and took some iconic photos (if I do say so myself :)

Then, as I was taking a series of stills each about 2 seconds apart...

Needless to say, I dashed in and saved James's life (thank you thank you) -- now I know why Annie suggested I change into a swimsuit instead of the jeans I was wearing. Poor James! Here's a final shot (zoomed in) of him floating like poor Eeyore in Ernest Shepard's illustrations (slightly blurry because I think that's when I realized who that floating speck in the middle of the viewfinder was!).

Huck Finn decided to swim home beside the canoe (j/k -- but he did want to get out in the deeper water for a while -- so did Tom, but I didn't get a photo of him, unfortunately).

And here we are, safe and sound back on shore, all hands accounted for!