Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Speaking of Dentists...

It's been a while since I've bragged about Wifey, but after today's performance, she definitely deserves some bragging rights. On Sunday, more-or-less on a whim, we decided to host all the dental types in our ward for brunch this morning (around 20 people besides our family, adults and kids included). I was thinking, you know, go buy some bagels, some mini muffins, some mini quiches, serve them up with a little bit of orange juice and cream cheese or something -- no, no, no, Wifey was not going to stand for such mediocrity. If we were going to throw a party, darn it all, we were going to do it right!

This is what she made instead:

In case you can't tell, that's four different kinds of juices, seven different kinds of fruits/berries, two kinds of quiches, two kinds of breakfast casseroles, two kinds of scones, and two kinds of homemade pastries. Hello yumminess!! Needless to say, if people didn't enjoy themselves while here, it certainly wasn't for lack of preparation on her part! She recruited some guests to bring some of the fruit and juices, otherwise, she pretty much made everything herself. From scratch, even. Wow.

Didn't get any good photos of the adults, but here's a cute one of Lilly chatting up two brothers. Good times!

A Very Merry Gingerbread FHE

Last Monday night, one of the other families in our ward and us got together to eat candy for dinner -- I mean, decorate gingerbread homes, then attempt to eat a nutritious meal afterwards (yeah right!). Gotta love the final products, pictured here:

Lilly's House

Ethan's House

James's House <-- you can tell where the majority of his candy went to (hint: not on the house!)

Isaac's House

Unfortunately, beautiful though they may have been, they didn't last very long:

(18 hours later)

Poor kids -- so obviously candy-deprived! You'd almost think they live with a dentist or something :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Training for the Circus?

I dunno what they're teaching these kids in gymnastics, but if one day I get back from the OR to find out that Ethan's gone to join the Shriners, all I can say is, "I guess I should have seen it coming!"