Saturday, June 21, 2008

Here at last

After a sad parting in Michigan and over a thousand miles of driving later, Ethan, Isaac, and I finally made it to Bangor yesterday evening, where we were greeted by the always-studious mama.

Other than one missed turn, whereby I ended up on I-80 instead of I-90, the trip was long and uneventful, punctuated only by the occasional, "Dad, are we at mama and yehyeh's house yet?" As usual, Ethan and Isaac were great travelers, amusing themselves with toys, food, and fighting. We stayed the first night in Waterbury, CT, continuing on the next day to Bangor, finally making the turn off Ohio Street on to Sunny Hollow Place accompanied by the crescendo of Ethan and Isaac's Chant of Anticipation -- "green car, green car, green car, YAAAAAYYYYY!!!" as they spotted mama and yehyeh's CRV. Upon arrival, Ethan and Isaac wasted no time settling in, promptly taking over Nancy's old room and the rest of the house with their toys, books, bikes, and clothes.

Various friends have wondered if the boys will be okay being left with mama and yehyeh for 5 weeks, but considering one of Ethan's first questions when he saw me come out of the downstairs computer/guest room this morning was, "Dad, why are you still here?" I think they'll be okay. To be honest, I'm more worried about mama anda yehyeh being able to handle two active, noisy boys in the house without going crazy!

Zorro, the yard boy, came by to mow the lawn today, but so far no yehyeh sightings have been reported. Hopefully I'll have a chance to see him before I leave tomorrow morning for Rhode Island!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"... so help me God."

It's official -- after an hour spent reviewing and signing documents on Monday (Jun 9), I raised my right hand and was sworn in as an Lieutenant in the Navy Dental Corps, followed by a few more signatures (pictured below). It was a neat experience, but like a lot of significant events, the moment passed by so fast, I'm not sure I'll really understand what happened until years from now, when I look back at where it all started! My parents drove all the way out from Maine to be there with us, and I'm very appreciative of their support!

So, next step: Officer Development School in Newport, Rhode Island, where I'll be spending pretty much all of July learning about how and what it means to be an officer in the Navy. Officer Boot Camp, if you will. I just hope I meet the physical fitness standards -- I never was much for pushups and situps!

After the commissioning ceremony, and since we were already in the vicinity, we all went to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, where we spent a few hours wandering around all the exhibits with the kids. This is Lilly in front of a 1955 Corvette that Annie fell in love with ("Do you think they'd be mad at me if you took a picture of me sitting in the car?").

I'm not a huge car guy, but I have to say I admire her taste!